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Online Prayer Request List

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Please pray for heal0July 12, 2014View Details
pray miracle0July 2, 2014View Details
rlg mul tafgkf0June 27, 2014View Details
healing0May 16, 2014View Details
pray for my injured husband sagar who met with a very serious ac0May 7, 2014View Details
seo0May 6, 2014View Details
Untitled0February 9, 2014View Details
prayer needs0February 4, 2014View Details
My friend R. and I desperately need prayer with fasting for spir0February 4, 2014View Details
Urgent need for prayer and fasting0January 18, 2014View Details
DxIxyHZgARptPpoM0January 12, 2014View Details
Marriage Restoration1November 15, 2013View Details
Untitled0October 28, 2013View Details
deliverance and employment0August 15, 2013View Details
deliverance and employment0August 12, 2013View Details
prayer for son James1July 18, 2013View Details
More belief1July 12, 2013View Details
salvation1April 28, 2013View Details
For the Path Ahead0April 8, 2013View Details
Slow Recovery.....2March 11, 2013View Details
mercy/faith0December 28, 2012View Details
Next step0December 22, 2012View Details
married2September 11, 2012View Details
My marriage7July 6, 2012View Details
deliverance and restoration3June 12, 2012View Details
need help3May 21, 2012View Details
Prayer for a second chance!8March 25, 2012View Details
prayer request for marriage0February 21, 2012View Details
Removal of Evil 1February 19, 2012View Details
Son's Deliverance3February 19, 2012View Details
BROKEN6February 7, 2012View Details
Healing and Salvation2February 3, 2012View Details
urgent prayer request3January 13, 2012View Details
Neighbor's Healing3December 25, 2011View Details
FUMC Travelers4August 29, 2011View Details